Yeast Infection During Pregnancy


Your First Yeast Infection


Yeast Infection During PregnancyFrom your early teenage years on you might happen to get a yeast infection or candida albicans as it is also called. For this to occur the vagina and urinary tract offers the most appropriate conditions. However since this happens regularly to many young women it should be no surprise having a yeast infection during pregnancy. Nothing to worry about as there is nothing different this time, only that due to the pregnancy your hormones are our of control.


If you've never had a yeast infection during your life, and now that you suddenly got a yeast infection during pregnancy later on, this could just be a simple yeast infection. If you are having various infections habitually you should still go and see your gynaecologist as soon as possible so they can diagnose wether they have to cure more than just a yeast infection during pregnancy. As you may know the pain a yeast infection causes, you know you can't stop itching until you have rubbed it somehow until it is red, and if you feel burning while you urinate, you should make a urine test to be sure that it is not a bladder infection.

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Many people never have a yeast infection, but many do have one and not only women. Especially when you are on an antibiotic your immune system may become feeble and finally candida symptoms will appear. It's no secret that men as well suffer from yeast infections.

When you are having a yeast infection during pregnancy you ought to let your gynaecologist know which other medication you are on if any and also if you have begun to apply some kinds of cream cures on your own. One way of treating all forms of infections is oral medication however it is not the means applied if you suffer from a candida infection during pregnancy.

In order not to risk the safety of your baby you will strictly be given creams to treat a yeast infection while you're pregnant. To combat this re-occurring problem there are several ways such as getting accustomed to wipe yourself from the front to back which loweres the risk of the re-occurrence of an infection.

Making sure you know your condition

In case you are aware that it is just a yeast infection during pregnancy what you have you can apply some over the counter cream to treat the acute complaints without risk. But if you consider your state of health holistically you might rather choose a natural long term solution in order to prevent the candida infection from coming back again.

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