Over the Counter Yeast Infection Cures

Yeast infections can be a real nightmare to clear up permanently. There are so many different treatment options available for Candida, but not all of them are successful. The main problem tends to be that most treatments Over The Counter Yeast Infection Cures work only in the short term. This is particularly the case with over the counter yeast infection cures. They take the problem away, but as soon as you stop using them, the problem is still there. It is never too long before the symptoms re-appear and the suffering starts again!

Understanding Over the Counter Cures for Yeast Infections

Over the counter yeast infection cures are recommended by doctors and health care professionals. However, what they do not tell      you is that they are not always as helpful as you think they might be.

It isn’t a well known fact that drug companies are required by law to make a profit from the medications that they create. These medications don’t even have to work, they just have to make a profit. Of course, this doesn’t mean that over the counter medications are unsafe - they may be perfectly safe to use, but it still doesn’t remove the fact that they do not have to work. Therefore when you are recommended to try over the counter treatments, the main purpose is for the health care sector to make money. To get the FACTS on how to achieve LASTING freedom from Yeast Infection click the link below...                                            

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The most common over the counter cures for yeast infections include:

Creams, Tablets/Suppositories

Creams are the most trusted treatment options because they are applied directly to the area and they help to relieve the itching and pain that comes with Candida. The only problem is, the cream is simply masking the condition. It may relieve the itching and the discomfort, but it will not completely eliminate the yeast infection itself. More often than not there are a few remaining yeast cells just waiting to come back to life when the right conditions emerge.

Among over the counter yeast infection cures Tablets and Suppositories are usually stronger than creams and so they do tend to clear up the problem quite quickly. However, once again it is important to remember that the relief you feel from most tablets and Suppositories is temporary. Once you have discontinued the treatment the problem will more than likely come back.

Over the counter yeast infection cures are not always as great as they are advertised to be. Yes they may provide short term relief, but in the long term the problem is still there. If you are looking for a long term solution then natural treatments are what you should look into.

Why Consider Natural Treatments?

Not all natural treatments are safe and effective, but there are some that eliminate the yeast infection completely. The trick is to use a natural treatment that has been thoroughly tried and tested.

The main goal of natural treatments is to clear up the infection while relieving the symptoms at the same time. Without getting to the root of the problem it is impossible to treat it. Overall you should consider natural treatments because they are mainly safe to use, they have no side effects associated with them and they target the root cause as well as the symptoms.

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